The Reunion Committee


   John Cunningham '67

   Nancy LaCharite Cunningham '70


   Joe Michael '65


   Anne-Marie Ellsworth Sylvester '63

   Joe LaPointe '69

 Datebase and Distribution PLUS

   Maureen Powers '65

   Nancy MacLean Long '65

Event Organization

   Pat Preston '65

   Sharon Donohue DeSantis '65

  George Schneedecker '65

Finance/Memorabilia Vault

   John Cunningham '67

   Nancy LaCharite Cunningham '70

Meeting Site

   Mel Joseph '68


   Anne-Marie Ellsworth Sylvester '63

   Ken Abud '65

   Denny Mitchell '63

Members At Large

   Al Masty

   Phil Riggio

Member Emeritus

   Nancy Conlin Zajac '64

Nancy has been such a great influence and supporter for all of the  reunions and  it  only proper for her to remain on the committee and in our hearts.

Event Volunteers

The Committee is looking for some volunteers for this year's picnic.

 If you are interested in helping to make this a "MAJOR EVENT"

 contact one of The Committee members or email  

I promise it won't take too much of your time and 

will be very much appreciated.

In Addition, we'd like to thank the volunteers needed to help put on this exciting event. We will be adding to the list as time goes on.


   Marianne Samardich

   Norma Preston

   Mike Long

   Bruce Hancock

   Bea Goldman

   The Fremont Girls: Joanne, Linda, and Michele

   The Gang at Kem-Tech (special thanks to Mel Joseph)



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